You may have heard many people speak about happiness being a choice. It's really a conscious decision to think and view things in a positive way. Evidently, having a positive mindset can lead to you being happy. So, when you choose happiness, you should focus more on the good things that life has given you and surround yourself with happy and positive people. In the process, it will be easier to maintain the state of happiness.

Each day, you are confronted by different kinds of circumstances. Most of these may not be something that you expected and may somehow cause you to be unhappy. Well, if you are in that state, change the way you think into something more positive. Here are several reasons why you should be always happy.

•    Studies have revealed that people who are happy have better immune systems. Which means that they are healthier compared to people who are miserable. When happy and optimistic people get sick or have a flu, it is not as critical as those people who choose to wallow in their sorrows.

•    People who choose happiness feel good about themselves. This influences their physical and also emotional state. Needless to say, they also go through crises and downfalls in their lives, but they're able to recover easily and quickly because of their physical, emotional and mental stability.

•    When you are happy, you tend to attract only the positive things in life. The energy that you project draws in the positive forces of the universe. As a result, you will achieve success more than unhappy people.

•    As the saying goes, like attracts like. So when you are happy, you also attract people who are happy and optimistic as well. If you are surrounded with happy people, failures and disappointments are simpler to handle as the people around you make you feel better and help you look at things in a different light.

•    Happy people are pleased with their lives. They live according to their life’s purpose and find enjoyment in everything that they do. They don't dwell on the negative areas of life. They focus more on the good things that life provides them.

Without a doubt, these five reasons are more than enough to motivate you to be happy and keep a positive outlook in life. Basically, if you choose happiness, you improve the quality of your life. In addition, you improve your relationship with others around you. Just by opting to be happy, you make an impact in the lives of others and in the world. Be optimistic and happy day after day and find out the difference.